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How to report a youtube channel

Mar 23, 20222 min readParvathy Nair

The internet keeps getting bigger and bigger every day, and keeping tabs on everyone can be hard. This is why platforms such as YouTube allow their users to report YouTube channels if they post Content that are in accordance with YouTube guidelines. And when you report a channel, no one is going to find out who because it's anonymous. Another thing to note is that because someone found the Content of the video violating guidelines and reported the channel, the video and channel would not be immediately terminated. It has to go through the review process, but the YouTube team before any actions are taken.

Content that involves Harassment and cyberbullying, Threats, Endangered children, Sexual Content and nastiness, violence or graphic, Content that is harmful or dangerous, Scams, spam, and misleading behaviors that violate YouTube guidelines.

How to report a YouTube Channel

Step 1. YouTube

First thing you have to do go to your browser and then proceed to go to and make sure you are logged in to your google account.

Step 2. Search

Now you are going to search for the YouTube channel in the search bar

Step 3. Channel

The alternatives with SUBSCRIBE or SUBSCRIBED buttons on the far-right side of the channel's website are known as channels.

If you don't know the channel's name, look for a video that the channel has posted, click it, and then click the channel's name below the video.

Step 4. About

You'll see everything linked to a channel, such as playlists, community, and about, once you've viewed the channel page. To get started, click the about tab in the upper right corner of the channel page. Below the about tab, you'll see a drop-down menu appear.

Step 5. Report

See the flag icon on the about page and click on it. A drop-down option will display; select "Report user" from the drop-down menu at the top.

Step 6. Reason of Report

Select the reason for reporting the video material and specify the true reason for reporting the channel if you find any video content that violates the YouTube rules or terms and conditions.