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How to get verified on YouTube

Mar 23, 20222 min readParvathy Nair

Over 50 million content creators are spread across YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and other platforms, and YouTube has over 15 million creators on the forum. In this age of competition, credibility is one thing that can set you apart from the competition.

What exactly is YouTube verification?

A YouTube verification badge is a grey check or a grey music key displayed next to a YouTube creator's or artist's channel name. Now go to your YouTube channel and take a look around. If neither of these checkmarks appears, your channel has not been validated. This verification badge denotes trustworthiness. Your YouTube channel is managed by a natural person, a well-known creator, or a verified brand/organization. You don't necessarily get any new perks once your channel is verified; being verified means you gain credibility, and your channels traffic is less likely to diverge to impersonator channels or creators.

Basics you need to know about getting verified?

In most cases, YouTube requires you to have at least 100K subscribers for you to be eligible for applying, but this is not a set in stone rule. YouTube gives priority to the content, the quality of it and how its useful to its users, and the social media aspect is only a second priority. So if you provide genuine quality content, it is possible to get verified without the 100K. Now let's get into the steps of

How to get verified on YouTube

Step 1 . YouTube's Support Page

Firstly go to YouTube's support page. Here's the link to help you out:; you scroll down and click on apply now your channel meets all the requirements for verification.

Step 2 . Verification form

After applying, you will be taken to the verification form page, where you have to fill in details on your channel and then click on the submit option afterwards; you will receive an email confirmation for the same.